I keep my stuff in a suitcase

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Lessons 5-6   I keep my stuff in a suitcase


1. A. look at the title of the lesson and say what the text below may be about.

B. Read Kelly's letter published in the magazine "Shout" quickly and check your guesses.

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С. Answer the questions alongside the text.

D. Work in pairs. Discuss the following then report to the class.

1   Can you explain why the lesson has this title?                               '  3  Does she have control over her own life?
2   What i's Kelly's attitude to living in a family?                                         How do you know? Give evidence from the text.
    In children's homes?                                                                       4  What problems does Kelly have?

Language work

2 Who has more responsibilities in their lives - Kelly or Sasha?

1 Say what Kelly has to do. (Refer to question 5 alongside the text),
2 Say what Sasha has to do.
3 What are your responsibilities?

3. Revisit question (1) alongside the text, then match A and B.
Refer to Grammar Reference (p. 168) if necessary.

А                                                                                                                                    В
1 I can't remember paying an electricity bill on time.                             a) I didn't pay electricity bills on time.
2 I can't remember to pay the electricity bill on time.                             b) I always forget to pay the electricity bill.

3 She has always tried to understand her mother.                                c) She experimented in different ways,
4 She tried listening to her, obeying all her instructions                         d) She made an effort to do a difficult thing.
    and other things like that.

5 He stopped having his breakfast and left.                                           e) He gave up his occupation.
6 He stopped near a small cafe to have breakfast.                                 f) He stopped in order to do something.

7 She went on washing up, neglecting the phone calls.                          g) She changed to a new activity.
8 Then she went on to sweep the floor.                                                 h) She continued her activity.
9 She learned typing at school.                                                             i) She can do it.
10 She learned to type at school.                                                          j) She attended typing classes, but I don't
                                                                                                             know if she can do it.


4. Is it always good to be on your own?

Continue the sentences,
'Say which of them could belong to Kelly? Sasha?

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5 Imagine that Sasha and Kelly have a talk about their family problems. Follow the scheme of their dialogue. The phrases in the boxes may help you.

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6 Write a letter to "Shout" as your response to Kelly's or Sasha's letter. Use this diagram.

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O. Л. Гроза, О. Б. Дворецкая, Н. Ю. Казырбаева, В. В. Клименко, М. Л. Мичурина, Н. В. Новикова, Т. Н. Рыжкова, Е. Ю. Шалимова, Английский язык нового тысячелентия, Учебник английского языка для 10 класса общеобразовательных учреждений. — 2-е изд. — М. Титул, 2004. — 175 с, ; ил.

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1236084776 kr.jpg опорный каркас  
1236084776 kr.jpg презентация урока
1236084776 kr.jpg акселеративные методы 
1236084776 kr.jpg интерактивные технологии 

1236084776 kr.jpg задачи и упражнения 
1236084776 kr.jpg самопроверка
1236084776 kr.jpg практикумы, тренинги, кейсы, квесты
1236084776 kr.jpg домашние задания
1236084776 kr.jpg дискуссионные вопросы
1236084776 kr.jpg риторические вопросы от учеников

1236084776 kr.jpg аудио-, видеоклипы и мультимедиа 
1236084776 kr.jpg фотографии, картинки 
1236084776 kr.jpg графики, таблицы, схемы
1236084776 kr.jpg юмор, анекдоты, приколы, комиксы
1236084776 kr.jpg притчи, поговорки, кроссворды, цитаты

1236084776 kr.jpg рефераты
1236084776 kr.jpg статьи 
1236084776 kr.jpg фишки для любознательных 
1236084776 kr.jpg шпаргалки 
1236084776 kr.jpg учебники основные и дополнительные
1236084776 kr.jpg словарь терминов                          
1236084776 kr.jpg прочие 

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1236084776 kr.jpg исправление ошибок в учебнике
1236084776 kr.jpg обновление фрагмента в учебнике 
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1236084776 kr.jpg замена устаревших знаний новыми 

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1236084776 kr.jpg методические рекомендации  
1236084776 kr.jpg программы
1236084776 kr.jpg обсуждения

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