In thе сountry DoDidDonе-6 (6 класс)

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In thе сountry DoDidDonе
Мы снова в городе Past Simple. Давайте отправимся на улицы: Отрицательное предложение, Общий вопрос, Специальный вопрос, Альтернативный вопрос. Все эти улицы проходят через дом вспомогательного глагола.

Это означает, что отрицательные и вопросительные предложения в Past Simple образуются с помощью вспомогательного глагола.

Вспомогательным глаголом в городе Past Simple является наш старый знакомый глагол do в одежде города Past Simple. Надев плащ с капюшоном, глагол do стал называться did.

In thе сountry DoDidDonе

Как вы видите, вспомогательный глагол одет, но, заходя к нему в дом, глаголы-дракоши должны снять свои плащи и остаться в именных маечках.

Это означает, что, если в предложении есть вспомогательный глагол did, основной глагол стоит в I форме.

На улицу Отрицательное предложение пришли глаголы worked и went.

Здесь вспомогательный глагол did, неразлучный с собачкой not. занимает место за подлежащим, а глагол-дракоша, сняв плащ и оставшись в именной маечке, встает за ними.

Это означает, что в отрицательном предложении порядок слов следующий:

Подлежащее + did not + основной глагол в I форме + второстепенные члены предложения.

In thе сountry DoDidDonе

I didn't work in the hospital last year.
You didn't work in the hospital last year.
He / She didn't work in the hospital last year.
It (a dog) didn't play in the garden yesterday.
We didn't work in the hospital last year.
You didn't work in the hospital last year.
They didn't work in the hospital last year.

I didn't go to school yesterday.
You didn't go to school yesterday.
He / She didn't go to school yesterday.
We didn't go to school yesterday.
You didn't go to school yesterday.
They didn't go to school yesterday.

На улице Общий вопрос вспомогательный глаголdid становится перед подлежащим, далее следует глагол-дракоша в именной маечке и второстепенные члены предложения.

Это означает, что в общем вопросе порядок слов следующий:

Did + подлежащее + основной глагол в I форме + второстепенные члены предложения + ?

In thе сountry DoDidDonе

Did I work in the hospital? —
Yes, I did. / No, I didn't.
Did you work at school? —
Yes, I did. / No, I didn't.
Did he work in the shop? —
Yes, he did. /No, he didn't.
Did we work in the hospital? —
Yes, we did. / No, we didn't.
Did they work in the shop? —
Yes, they did. / No, they didn't.

Did I go to the shop? —
Yes, I did. / No, I didn't.
Did you go to the hospital? —
Yes, I did. / No, I didn't.
Did she go to the park? —
Yes, she did. / No, she didn't.
Did we go to the museum? —
Yes, we did. / No, we didn't.
Did they go to the museum? —
Yes, they did. / No, they didn't.

В специальном вопросе следующий порядок слов:

Вопросительное слово + did + подлежащее + основной глагол в I форме + второстепенные члены предложения + ?

In thе сountry DoDidDonе
Where did I go yesterday? — I went to the shop.
Where did you go last week? — I went to the museum.
Where did he go at 8 o'clock? - He went to the hospital.
Where did we go last summer? — We went to Saratov.
Where did they go last year? — They went to Moscow.

1    What did you do yesterday, the morning, last month, an hour ago, last Sunday? Give full answers.

Model:Did you go to Moscow last year? - Yes, I did. I went to Moscow
           last year. / No, I didn't. I didn't go Moscow last year.

1.    Did you see your best friend yesterday?
2.    Did you have breakfast in the morning?
3.    Did you watch TV yesterday?
4.    Did you read any books last month?
5.    Did you phone your friend an hour ago?
6.    Did you play football last Sunday?
7.    Did you have mathematics yesterday?
8.    Did you do anything interesting yesterday?

2    Ask your friends questions about yesterday. Take ideas from Ex. 1. Write down your friends' answers.

Model:A: Did you buy any food yesterday?
           B: Yes, I did. /No, I didn't.
           A: Why did / didn 't you buy any food yesterday?
           B: Because it was Sunday yesterday.

3 Agent Cute has a lot of information about Robin. He wrote a very good report, but the report got wet. Help Agent Cute write the report again.

In thе сountry DoDidDonе

4 In pairs. Agent Cute wants to check some information.

A: Help him. Put questions to Robin for him.
B: Give true answers to the questions.
A: Act as Agent Cute and ask Robin questions for him.
B: Act as Robin and answer Agent Cute's questions.

Robin lived in Scotland in 1599.
           C: Did you live in Scotland in 1599?

           R: Yes, I did.

1.    Robin knew about time tunnels.
2.    Robin got to London through the time tunnel.
3.    Robin flew to London from Russia.
4.    Robin saw Queen Elizabeth I.
5.    Robin met Misha at the airport.
6.    Robin found one of his relatives in the London of the future.
7.    Robin found the Stone of Destiny.
8.    Robin didn't want to travel to the future, because he loved his father.

5 In pairs. A: Ask Robin for more information. Use the questions from Ex. 4.

Model:When — C: When did you live in Scotland?
                         R: I lived in Scotland in 1599.  
Begin with the words:

1.    What       3. Where   5. Where   7. What
2.    How         4. Who     6. Who     8. Why (not)

6  Read the text of the song and answer the questions:

1.    Who did Agent Cute watch?
2.    Did he learn the truth?
3.    Where did Robin come from?                             Did yои listen in?
4.    Did the Boss believe Agent Cute'?                      Dld they yои?
                                                                              No they didn't, Boss,
                                                                              But I learned the truth.
Agent Cute, Agent Cute,                                         Agent Cute, Agent Cute,
What did you do?                                                   What did Уои learn?
I watched Misha, Robin and Rosy too.                      Robin came from the past
                                                                             And wants to steal some Stone.
Agent Cute, Agent Cute,
Did you talk to them?                                              Agent Cute, Agent Cute,
No, I didn't, Boss,                                                    This is уегУ sad.
But I have a plan.                                                     I wil1 cal1 the doctor
                                                                             And you must go to bed.        
6-10-27.jpg  Listen to the song and sing along.

7 Choose the best translation for the underlined words in Ex. 6.

to listen in — слушать радио, подслушивать, перехватывать радиопередачи
to learn [Iз:n] — изучать, узнавать, учить
to notice 6-10-28.jpg — упоминать, уделять внимание, замечать


A  Use your notes from Ex. 2 and get ready to tell the class about your friend.

Model:He /She didn't go out yesterday, because he/she wasn't well.

B  Read the dialogue and answer the questions.

1.    What are Robin, Misha and Rosy going to do?
2.    Who can help them?
3.    Where are they going?
4.    Is Alice going to be with them?

We must help Robin

Rosy: We must help Robin get back to his time, and then my brother Rob will come back too. Am I right?
Robin: Yes, you are.
Rosy: What will we have to do? Can we use the Stone of Destiny in Scotland?
Robin: No, that tunnel closed on 2nd November. We'll have to find a new time tunnel.
Rosy: My brother Mark can help us. He is interested in history and archaeology. He knows all our family legends. At the moment he is on Salisbury Plain. Let's go and find him.
Misha: Let's take Alice with us.
Rosy: Oh, I forgot. Alice can't come with us. She is going back to France tomorrow. Let's say goodbye to her.

In thе сountry DoDidDonе

C  Answer the questions about Robin's story.

1.    When did Robin live in Edinburgh?
2.    Why did Robin and his friends want to return the Stone of Destiny to Scotland?
3.    Where could the tunnels take people?
4.    Where did Robin and his father find their relatives?
5.    Where did Robin find Misha?

D  Write questions for the underlined words.

1.    We saw him yesterday.
2.    He read the book last month.
3.    His sister lived in Yekaterinburg ten years ago.
4.    He sent a telegram two hours ago.
5.    I got to school by bus.
6.   Mv mother didn't hear you, because the music was very loud.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 6 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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