It would be nice to have a summer job. Grammar Subjunctive mood

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It would be nice to have a summer job

24-10-8.jpg Сослагательное наклонение / Subjunctive mood

В английском языке существует три типа сложноподчиненных предложений с придаточными условий. Вы уже знакомы с придаточными условными предложениями I типа. В них содержится указание на реальное, выполнимое условие.

She'll go to the party if Mike invites her. — Она пойдет на вечеринку, если Майк пригласит ее.

Сослагательное наклонение (The Subjunctive mood) используется в условных предложениях II типа (Conditionals type 2). В этих предложениях содержится указание на нереальное условие, по причине которого осуществление действия главного предложения проблематично или невозможно. В таких предложениях действия могли бы произойти внастоящем или будущем, но это маловероятно. В главном предложении употребляется Future-in-the Past, в придаточном Past Simple.

She would go to the party if Mike invited her. — Она пошла бы на вечеринку, если бы Майк пригласил ее. (Это все еще возможно, поскольку вечеринка еще не состоялась, но это маловероятно.) 

Обратите внимание! Сокращенная форма would = 'd
I'd help you today if I had time.

Глагол to be в условных предложениях II типа имеет форму were.

If I were older, I would work as a ranger. — Если бы я был старше, я бы работал лесником.
If I were you I'd spend this money on books. — На твоем месте я потратил бы эти деньги на книги.

 Тип условного  предложения
  Время, к которому относится высказывание   
  Главное предложение
I тип
Придаточное предложение содержит реальное, выполнимое условие   
настоящее будущее   
I will give her
the document
II тип
Придаточное предложение содержит нереальное или трудновыполнимое условие   
настоящее будущее   
I would give her
the document

1  Translate the sentences into Russian.

1.    She'd pass her exams next month if she worked hard.
2.    She'd be happy if her friend phoned her tomorrow.
3.    If we were in America, we'd go to see Washington.
4.    He'd work as a waiter next summer if they took him.
5.    If I knew his email, I'd send him a birthday greeting.
6.    If I were you, I'd apologise.
7.    If I were able to swim, we could go canoeing.

2  Answer the questions.

1.    What would you do if you won the lottery?
2.    What famous person would you like to meet if you had the chance?
3.    Would you go to America if you had a friend there?
4.    Would you lend money to your friend if you had some?
5.    What country would you visit if you could choose any country?
6.    What questions would you ask if you met a real fortune teller?
7.    What would you be able to do if you lived in 2150? 

3   Look ot the people in the pictures and give them some advice. Start with: If I were you...

Model: f I were you, I'd have a break. — На твоем месте я бы передохнул.

It would be nice to have a summer job

4 Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker.

to apply for a job— подавать заявление о приеме на работу
to offer smb smth — предложить кому-либо что-либо
to charge smb for smth — взимать плату с кого-либо за что-либо
to require smth — требовать что-либо
to hire smb — нанимать кого-либо на работу
a requirement — требование
a skill — умение
patience — терпение
a strong point — зд. сильная сторона
an amusement park — парк с аттракционами
to mind — возражать
yard work — работа во дворе / в саду
an attitude — отношение

When in Rome

Choose the phrase which best describes the idea.

Does this ring a bell? — Does it wake you up? Does it sound familiar?
                                                 Does it sound exciting?
To have green fingers — to be beautiful / to be lazy / to be good at gardening
I don't have a clue. — I don't know. /1 have no key. / I'm not interested.

5  Read the list of possible questions about summer jobs. Rate them according to their importance for you. Explain the first five positions in your rating. Explain the last position in your rating.

1.     How should I look for a job?
2.     Where сап I find information about the job?
3.    Should I advertise my services?
4.    What kind of jobs are there for me to do?
5.    Will the job be interesting?
6.    How much will I earn?
7.    How much should I charge?
8.    When should I apply for the job?
9.    Is there a minimum age requirement?
10.    Does this job require any special skills?
11.    Will I learn anything new at this job?
12.    Will I be able to meet new people?
13.    Will I be able to travel?
14.    Will I still have any free time?
15.    What are the working hours?
16.    Will I need permission from my parents?

6  Look through the text and find out which of your questions about summer jobs it answers.

7   Emily showed Misha an article with advice on summer jobs for American teenagers. Listen to the text and read it for detail.

"It would be nice to have a job this summer. "
"If I had more time, I'd definitely look for a job. "
"If only they could give me something interesting to do,
I'd be happy to try a job out." "If I were older..."
Does this ring a bell? If you want to find a summer job. don't just sit around and dream. If you want to get results, get up and get moving. You'll  be surprised how many options there are. But you won't know about them if you don't make the effort.
Your first step should be to look for adverts in the local papers. Then try to talk to your neighbours, relatives or anybody else who will listen to you.
So what are the options you can try?

It would be nice to have a summer job

•    Working at a cafe or a restaurant. This will suit someone who wants to earn as much money as possible. Hot summer days are usually a very busy time for cafes and bistros, so they'll probably want all the help they can get. But you have to bear in mind that it's not an easy job. You have to be physically fit and work well under stress if you a job like this is for you. Your attitude is also a factor. If you think to yourself "I hate this job" as you wash the dishes or clear the tables, you won't get much from it. But if you think positive, you could learn a lot about the restaurant business and later this knowledge could be useful when you start a business of your own.
•    Babysitting. This is a traditional job for teenagers to do. If you are responsible and love kids, then this is the job for you. There will always be a family with busy working parents who'll be more than happy
to give you a job to help out over the summer. Your help will be even more welcome if you can do something useful with the children: teach them music or languages or do sports with them.
•    Yard work or cutting the grass. There will always be people who'll be glad to pay you for looking after their yard. A lot of things in the garden need attention in summer, and not everybody who has a garden is born with green fingers. Fresh air and lots of physical activity is an extra advantage.
•    Dog walking. "I'd have a dog, if I weren't so busy." You sometimes hear people say that, but not everybody is so responsible. A lot of people who have pets don't have enough time to walk them properly and often feel guilty about it. You can get quite a lot of clients if you just stick an advert up on the bus stop near your house. Summer is the time when people want to go on holiday. If your parents don't mind, you can also offer tp look after a dog or a cat for a couple of weeks until the owners come back from holiday.

•    Teaching people how to use computers or the Internet. It's probably hard for you to imagine what it is like to live without a computer. You'd feel completely cut off if you switched off your computer even for a day. Well, you'll probably be surprised to know that there are a lot of people who don't have a clue about how to use one. They'd like to be able to, but they're scared. You may be able to help those people if you're very good at using a computer, and patience is your strong point.
•    Working at an amusement park. Most of these places are only open in the summer, but they hire hundreds of people. Going on free rides, having a lot of fun and getting to know lots of new people are all guaranteed.
•    Working at a summer camp, national park or a holiday resort. If you have a friendly and outgoing personality and if you like to travel, this is the job for you. The only problem is that jobs like this are really popular, so you'll need to apply early and hope that you'll be selected.

8 Find in the text the sentences that contain

real conditions
unreal conditions

9 Which advice given in the text can be used in your city (town, village)? Why? / Why not?
Which of the jobs mentioned in the text would you not charge for but do them as a favour instead?

10 Imagine that you want to find a job. What special skills do you have? What are your strong points?
What special skills do you not have now but you would have if you were older?

Model:I can play the piano. If I were older, I'd be able to drive a car.

11 Continue the sentences with words and expressions from the active vocabulary in these lessons.

Model:    I thought you and she used to work together. Her name is Helen
              Brown. ...? — I thought you and she used to work together. Her
              name is Helen Brown. Does this ring a bell?

1.    — Td really like to get his job.— So why don't you ... it?
2.    What are you good at? — I think foreign languages are my... .
3.1 can't take this job. They... a lot of special skills that I don't have.
4.    — I won't invite this babysitter again. She's too expensive.
—    How much did she...?
5.    My uncle... a job, but I'm not sure about it. I'll have to get up at six o'clock in the morning.
6.    — Are there any special... for this job?
—    No, they'll take anybody.
7.    — It was your decision to... this young girl. Why did you do it? She
doesn't have any...
—    But she's nice and has a lot of... . Besides she really needed a job.
8.    — I don't like gardening.— Well, not everybody is born with... .
9.    If I got a summer job, I'd find something fun and exciting. An... would be a nice place to work.
10.    Why did you decide to apply for this job? You... about computers!
11.    You'll need permission if you want to go camping with us. I hope your parents... .

12 Read some of the Russian labour laws for teenagers in the table.

a) Listen to the information about American laws for the same age group and put the information in the right column.

          Russia         USA     
      4 hours a day, 6 days a week; or 4.8 hours a day, 5 days a week
   School year       2.5 hours a day  

b) Listen to the information again and answer the questions.

1.    Which age group are the laws for?
2.    Why are the restrictions imposed?
3.    How late can American teenagers work during the school year?

13  Compare Russian and American labour laws for teenagers. Say 3-4 sentences.

A Look ot the reasons why you may not get a job. Write sentences about the job you want to do according to the model.

Model: You may not be old enough. — If I were older, I'd be able to work as a sales assistant.

1.    The place you want to work may be a long way away and you may not have reliable transport.
2.    You may not have enough time or a regular enough schedule for the job you want.
3.    You may not be able to find a job which interests you.
4.    You may need a degree.
5.    You may not have the special skills required for the job.

В Translate the sentences into English. Continue the story with two or three more sentences.

1.    Если бы летом он заработал достаточно денег, он купил бы компьютер.
2.    Если бы он купил компьютер, он мог бы искать информацию в интернете.
3.    Если бы он мог искать информацию в интернете, он получил бы всю необходимую информацию по физике и математике.
4.    Если бы он имел всю необходимую информацию, он бы хорошо сдал экзамены и поступил бы в институт.

С Sometimes when you are angry with your parents, you might think that if you were them, your life would be so much easier and more interesting. a)    Write about five good things that would happen to you if you were your mother (father). Use the words and expressions or your own ideas.

Model: If I were my mother, I'd be able to eat whatever I like.

It would be nice to have a summer job

b)    Write about the new responsibilities you would have.

Model:    If I were my father, I'd have to work for more than eight
              hours a day.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 9 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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