News from St David's School

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News from St David's School

1 Misha Inin has been at St David's School for six months. He is writing a letter about his school life. Read the letter and answer the questions of Ex. 2 a).

News from St David's School

St David's
Blackstone Road
York У024 3HF UK
13 February

Hi Masha,
How are you? I'm sorry I haven't written for sometime. I've been very busy. Let me just tell you.
Unfortunately, there is no news about the MacWizards' family history book. Rob and I have given up hope. We are trying to forget about this story. Sometimes I think there has never been any family treasure at all. But Mark hasn't given up yet. He still believes the story about the treasure and with my help hopes to find it.
The good news is that life at school is great. Rob and I are getting really popular; we have joined most of the school clubs and gone on different excursions. We have already been to York, Cambridge, London, and next week we are going to the Houses of Parliament.
I'm afraid my mission here is nearly over and I have to go home in March. Luckily I'll still be here for the excursion to London.
That's my news. How are you getting on? How's Gram у? I often think about her. She taught me English and that's the best present anybody has ever given me. Please say hello to her for me.
I'm sorry but I have to stop now. Rob has just come and called me for dinner.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Best wishes,

P.S. It's raining again. That's the English winter for you!

2 a) Answer the questions.

1.    Who did Misha write the letter to?
2.    Did he get good or bad news?
3.    What has Misha done since he came to
4.    What is Misha planning to do in his English school?
5.    Is the letter formal or informal?

b)    Find two sentences that mean "Как дела?".
c)    Find the opposite of the words fortunately, unluckily.

3 Mr Mackenzie has written a letter the questions. Look through the letter and answer

1.    Who is the letter to?
2.    Who is Mr Mackenzie?

3.    What is the letter about?
4.    Is the letter formal or informal?

St David's
Blackstone Road
York Y024 3HF
                                                                                                                                                                Betsey MacWizard
                                                                                                                                                                19 Crescent Road,
                                                                                                                                                                Tunbridge Wells,
                                                                                                                                                                Kent TN2 3GH
Dear Ms MacWizard,

I'm writing to ask your permission to extend Misha Inin's stay at our school. We were very pleased that he has passed all his first term exams with excellent marks. So it is my intention to give Misha the chance to finish the year at St David's.
I have already contacted his parents and expect an answer from them tomorrow. There are no financial issues involved as we can offer him a full scholarship.
I hope that you will assist me in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Kenneth Mackenzie

4    Read Mr Mackenzie's letter once more and find the equivalents to these phrases.

1    I've informed Misha's parents.
2    Misha Inin's marks for the first term were good.
3    We were very happy...
4    Money is not a problem.
5    I hope you will help me...
6    We are planning to...
7    Misha won't have to pay for his studies.

5    What's Jhe difference between formal and informal letters?

1    Who do we write formal / informal letters to?
2    What language do we use?
3    How do we start formal / informal letters?
4    How do we finish formal / informal letters?

6 Here are some Hps for writing formal and informal letters. Analyse the letters and fill in the table. Some tips work for both types of letters.

News from St David's School
1.    Use formal language.
2.    If you don't know the name, just put Dear Sir / Madam.
3.    Write "Best wishes" at the end.
4.    Use chatty (разговорный) language.
5.    Don't use contractions (сокращения).
6.    Put the first name, because you are writing to a friend.
7.    Put the address of the person you are writing to.
8.    If you use Dear Sir / Madam at the top, put "Yours sincerely", at the bottom.
9.    Don't forget to sign with your full name.
10.    Use paragraphs for every new point or different part of the story, so it's easier to read your letter.
11.    Put Mr or Ms before your name.
12.    Just write your first name.
13.    Don't forget to write the date at the top of the letter.

7 Match the letter writting cliches with their translations.

1.  Best wishes, Alex.                          
2.  1 look forward to hearing from you.
3.    Thanks for your letter.
4.    Write soon!                                    
5.    It was great to hear from you.    весточку.
6.    Let's keep in touch.                            
7.  1 haven't heard from you for ages.
8.    Yours sincerely,                                      
9.    I'm sorry I have to stop now.                                  
10. Hope to hear from you soon.      

News from St David's School                             
8 Fill in the gaps in the letter with the expressions from Ex. 7. Use this information in the correct places.

News from St David's School

Verb activator

В английском языке есть много глаголов, которые имеют два, три, а то и больше значений. Раздел "Verb activator" поможет вам систематизировать знания об уже известных вам глаголах. Кроме того, в нем вы будете знакомиться с так называемыми Phrasal verbs (фразовые глаголы) — это устойчивые сочетания глагола и наречия, глагола и предлога, либо глагола и частицы. Предлог, наречие или частица, стоящие после глагола, часто полностью меняют его значение.
Глагол to get — получать, доставать, приносить, прибывать куда-либо (добираться до какого-либо места), входить (выходить), становиться

9 Translate the sentences into Russian.

1.    It's getting dark. I have to go home.
2.    Mary will be happy. I've got a lovely present for her.
3.    When my friends got to the station, the train had already left.
4.  1 got healthier after I joined a football club.
5.    This singer is getting really popular.
6.    He is our best student. He always gets excellent marks.
7.    Could you get me some paper? I'm going to write a letter.
8.    Alex got to the room first and saw a big Christmas tree.
9.    Don't worry about Max, he's OK. I've just got a letter from him.
10.    He was ill yesterday but he's getting better today.
11.    My dog is getting old. I have to take him to the vet more often.

10 What do the phrasal verbs in these sentences mean? Match the underlined expressions with to get with their translations.

1.    I neverget up early on Sundays.
2.    I hope he'll get over this disease.
3.    I tried to phone you, but I couldn't get through.
4.    You won't see Mary tomorrow. She isgetting away for this month.
5.    I'll get back home tomorrow.
6.    How are you getting on?

a)    вставать (с постели)
b)    выздороветь
c)    вернуться
d)    Как дела?
e)    дозвониться
f)    уехать
g)    пережить что-то


A Copy the table into your exercise books and fill it in with the sentences from Ex. 7.

 Formal letter   Informal letter
Starting the letter
Closing the letter
Ending the letter

В Fill in the gaps. Use on, over, up, back, away.

1.    Some people get ... late every day.
2.    What's your news? How are you getting ...?
3.    My friend broke her leg last year. She soon got ... it.
4.    Mr Smart was very angry because he didn't like to live in a little village, but he couldn't get ... .
5.    Father went to Kaliningrad, but he promised to get ... next week.

С Translate the sentences from Russian into English.

1.    "Где Мэри?" — "Она простудилась вчера".
2.    Когда она выздоровеет, мы пойдем в поход.
3.    Становится темно. Возьми фонарик.
4.    "Где ты была в 6 часов?" — "Я не мог тебе дозвониться".
5.    "Твой друг вернется в среду?" — "Да".
6.    Как у него дела?

D Make up a story about your friend. Tell your classmates what happened to him / her last year. Use expressions with phrasal verb get.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 8 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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