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Тема "Повторення. Підготовка до екзамену"

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Our House

When I was a child we used to live in a block of flats. Some years ago we moved to a comfortable detached house. I’m very happy because it’s really the house of my dreams. It is situated in the suburbs of Kiev, in a very picturesque place. You can easily get to the centre of the city by car or by bus. The air is much fresher there because there is less transport and more trees.

Our house is two-storeyed and rather spacious. It has got big windows and a large balcony on the first floor with an amazing view of the lake and the forest. The house is surrounded by a wonderful garden with lovely flowers, fruit trees and bushes. There is a heated outdoor swimming-pool and a two-car garage. There is also a small patio where we spend a lot of time and have picnics or different celebrations with friends and relatives.

When you come in, you will get into a big and light hall with a colourful carpet and some soft sofas, a small table and a huge mirror above it. The living-room is the largest room in my house. This is the place where we relax, watch TV or listen to music. The wallpaper in this room is of warm colour with a modern pattern on it. There aren’t any curtains on the windows, just nice blinds to protect us from bright sunshine. The furniture is modern and very beautiful. There is a fireplace in the corner and a lot of paintings on the walls.

There is also a dining-room downstairs with a large wooden table where we all sit chatting for hours on winter evenings. Next to the dining-room there is a kitchen with nice cupboards, a cooker, a microwave oven, a fridge, a dishwasher and a sink. The air in the kitchen is usually filled with the delicious smell of my mother’s cooking.

Upstairs on the first floor there is a study with plenty of books and some bedrooms for the members of my family and our guests. Each bedroom has a bathroom and a built-in wardrobe.

The house has all modern conveniences, such as central heating, gas, electricity, air conditioning, cold and hot running water, so we can live in it all year round.

My house is comfortable and hospitable and it is the ideal place for anyone who wants to escape from the busy life of a big city and relax in a quiet neighbourhood. When my friends come to my house they often describe it as a dream house, but to me it’s just “home sweet home”.

Надіслано вчителем Міжнародного ліцею Гранд Афанасьєва Л.А.

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