What is a tradition

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UNIT 3 A time  to celebrate

Lessons 1-2 What is a tradition?


1 Unscramble the names of three important festivals and match them with the pictures.

Discuss the questions below.

1 Do you know why these particular pictures were chosen to illustrate these festivals?
2 Which of these is celebrated in
3 Can you name any Russian or your local festival and its symbol?



2  Read the following pieces of information and decide which of the above festivals they refer to.

1. One of the long-standing
traditions is the belief that the
mistletoe plant holds magic
powers and protects against

                                                         2.  It dates back to the ancient fire
                                                         festivals when huge bonfires
                                                         were set on hilltops to frighten
                                                         away evil spirits.

3.  Its common symbol is a pump-
kin carved in the appearance of
a demonic face and with a
lighted candle inside.

                                                         4.  This main festival of the Christian
                                                         church year celebrates the
                                                         Resurrection of Jesus Christ on
                                                         the third day after his CrucifIXion.
5.  Evergreens as symbols of survival
are associated with this festival.

                                                         6.  Eggs - symbol of new life and
                                                         resurrection - are brightly
                                                         coloured and decorated.

7.  It's a Christian festival commemo-
rating the birth of Jesus Christ. It
dates back to the pagan festival
marking the birthday of "uncon-
quered sun".

                                                         8. This is an autumn festival with
                                                         ghosts, witches, black cats,
                                                         fairies and demons of all kinds.

9.  Its symbol is the rabbit.


bonfire - костep
Resurrection - воскресеньe (из мертвыx)
Crucifixion - pacпятие на кресте
to carve - вырезать
evergreen - вечно- зеленое растение
survival - the state of continuing to live or exist
pagan - religIous beliefs and customs which do not belong to any of the main religions of the world


A. Translate the words in bold in the texts in ex. 2.

B. Translate the text about Cupala's Nights, using these words

Этот весенний фестиваль уходит корнями к языческим временам на Руси и связан с солнцем, водой и огнем. в этот день люди прыгали через костер, который является символом праздника. они также купались в реках и собирали травы, имеющие волшебную силу и защищают от болезней. Эта давняя традиция до сих пор сохраняется в некоторых местах России.


4 The word "tradition" doesn1t mean only celebrating a festival.

Work in pairs, answer the questions and report your answers to the class.
1 What is a tradition in your opinion?
2 Can you think of some other kinds of traditions people keep nowadays?


5 A. Listen to an interview with Andrew, a student from Oxford, talking about the role of traditions in the life of Britain and in his own life.

Put the topics from the box in the order they appear in the interview.

 traditions in Oxford
 celebrating Christmas
 importance of traditions in Britain

B. Listen to the recording again and choose the best answer.

1 He thinks that Britain is unique because:                 3 Students are proud of bemg at Oxford because:

a) it has a link with ancient traditions.                                             a) they learn Latin.
b) it has old buildings.                                                                    b) student life is modern.
c) it is a declining country.                                                             c) traditions are kept.

2 Oxford is special because:                                          4 Andrew's family gather together at Christmas because:

a) students wear gowns.                                                                a) they are celebrating a tradition.
b) it is known for its long-standing traditions.                                    b) they feel they should.
c) many famous people have been there.                                         c) all other people do it.


6 Complete the summary of the interview with the words from the list.

Traditions are an important way the British people (1) ... Since Britain has a link with quite ancient traditions, it is important to people that some traditions do (2) ... although one might call Britain a (3) ... country in the world, Oxford University is the oldest University in the world and has a reputation for its (4) ... Although student life is quite modern, students are constantly (5) ... them and enjoy them. There are formal events every week where they have to wear gowns and have to listen to speeches in Latin. These traditions are quite (6) ,.. and they make people a little bit (7) ... Christmas is such a big event in Britain that it can't really be called a tradition. The smaller things are often more important for most people.


. declining
. survive .
. define themselves .
. reminded of .
. proud .
. long-standing traditions .
. unique .


7 Work in groups of 3-4. Answer these questions giving reasons.

Take notes of your answers and be ready to report your opinions to the class.

1 Do traditions help people of a particular country or region to define themselves? How?
2 Why is it important that traditions do survive in a country?
3 Are there any traditions that you are continually reminded of in your everyday life? What are they?
4 What are the Russian traditions that make you proud?


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