I am so happy to sее you

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I am so happy to sее you

Use the dictionary and translate the sentence.

 When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Вспомните русский эквивалент этой поговорки. Новая рубрика будет знакомить вас с часто встречающимися в английских диалогах фразами. С ее помощью вы будете учиться правильно употреблять такие фразы, а также реагировать на них.

1 Look at the pictures and guess the meaning of the sentences.

I am so happy to sее you
2 Answer the questions.

1.    You're often late, aren't you?
2.    Your best friend is late today, isn't he /she?
3.    Who's late today?
4.    You're often late for maths, aren't you?
5.    You're happy to see your friends today, aren't you?
6.    Who is always happy to see you?
7.    Who are you always happy to see?

3 Listen to the words and repeat them after the speaker.

polite — вежливый
newspaper — газета
article — статья


4    Agent Cute and his boss are meeting in London. Read their conversation and answer the questions. Support your answers with the information from the text. Прочитайте разговор Кьюта и босса и ответьте на вопросы. Обоснуйте свои ответы, зачитывая информацию из текста.

1.    Is the boss really happy to see Agent Cute?
2.    Does Agent Cute understand his mission?
3.    Where do&s Agent Cute have a report?
4.    Does the boss think that Misha and Robin are in London? What information does he have?
5.    What's the boss's favourite newspaper?
6.    Does the boss like The Sun or The Times'?
7.    Does Agent Cute remember Misha and Robin?
8.    Does Agent Cute want to work for his boss?
9.    What can Agent Cute do?

In the boss's office


Cute: Good morning, Boss. Can I come in? I'm not late, am I?
Boss: Hi, Cute. I'm happy to see you back in London.
Cute: Me too!
Boss: I'm not really happy to see you! I'm trying to be polite! And it's not easy. Where's your report?
Cute: I don't have it with me, Boss. It's at home.
Boss: It's ready, isn't it?
Cute: Yes, it is. You can see it tomorrow.
Boss: OK. I have interesting information for you. I think Misha and Robin are in London.
Cute: Why do you think so?
Boss: Look at the newspaper. There is a small article: "Boys flying in the morning sky".
Cute: Wow! I can't believe it! You read The Sun\
Boss: Yes, I do. My favourite newspaper is The Times, but it's my job to read all of them.
Cute: But how can you believe an article about boys flying in the sky?
Boss: The reason I can is because there's a photo. Look! You can see our dear old friends Misha and Robin, can't you? Cute: Yes, I can, Boss. That's strange... But Robin is from London, isn't he? So what's the problem? He can go to his mum and dad's. And Misha is going to meet Robin's family! That's nice!
Boss: The boys are in London, but Robin's mother and father don't know about it.
Cute: Well, Boss. That's not right, is it? Why don't they phone Robin's parents? Do you know?
Boss: Do you want to work for my detective agency, Cute?
Cute: Yes, it's a good job and a chance to see the world and new people...
Boss: Stop talking! Go and find the boys!

Газеты The Times и The Sun являются очень известными британскими газетами. Разница между этими газетами в том, что Тайме является одним из самых уважаемых "серьезных" изданий, а Сан характеризуется ориентацией на непроверенную информацию и дешевые сенсации.

5 Agent Cute has the newspaper but he can't find the article about the flying boys because he spilt (пролил) his coffee on the newspaper. Read these articles and help Cute.

One of our special correspondents reports: "I always get up very early on Tuesdays. I leave my house and go to the railway station. 

I usually catch the 6.30 train to London. So on Tuesday I go out and suddenly I hear strange voices. You can imagine my surprise when I look up and see two boys flying over my house."
The Sun takes no responsibility for this information, but their correspondent has a picture of the flying objects. Those are two boys, aren't they? We can't make a comment about this picture.

Dear Children! What is the Tower of London? Where is Hollywood? Who is Leo Tolstoy? Come to us! We are the oldest school in London! We can answer all your questions!

The British love their oldest museum. It is always interesting. A day at the Tower of London is great fun. You can go for a walk along the river Thames, take pictures of the ravens and beefeaters and learn new facts from British history. Come and enjoy the stories! They are all true!

Boys like to play football. These two boys are only twelve, but they are very talented. Robin and Martin are the best players at Greenfield School in Wessex. They are good students too. Martin says his hobby is history and Robin likes maths and foreign languages. One of his favourite foreign languages is Russian and now he has a chance to use it. This week they are going to play for their school in Russia. We wish them all the best.

6 Answer the questions.

1.    Which article from The Sun do you find interesting?
2.    Do you normally believe the articles about unusual things?
3.    What's your favourite newspaper? Why do you like it?


А  Use the information from Texts 1-15 in the Workbook 1 and answer the questions.

1.    Misha is Russian, isn't he?
2.    Misha and Robin MacWizard aren't friends, are they?
3.    Cute is not a very good agent, is he?
4.    Misha's house is very big, isn't it?
5.    Robin can fly and travel in time, can't he?
6.    Robin is from the year 1599, isn't he?
7.    Misha's real pen friend isn't from the past, is he?
8.    Misha's pen friend can't come back to our time, can he?
9.    Misha can't tell Agent Cute about Robin's secret, can he?
10.    The Stone of Destiny is in Westminster Abbey, isn't it?
11.    Misha can help Robin go back to the year 1599, can't he?

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 6 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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