New York, New York

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New York

1    As you work on this lesson try to find os many Americanisms in spelling or vocabulary as you can.

2 Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker. Try to find

•    the names of places in New York.
•    the names of New York's main attractions.
•    the name of the river in New York.

Нью Йорк

to do some sightseeing — осматривать достопримечательности
Let's do Manhattan.— Давайте осмотрим Манхэттен.
to do smth instead of smth — делать что-либо вместо чего-либо
to stand for smth — обозначать что- либо
a masterpiece — шедевр
an impression 24-10-12.jpg — впечатление
Manhattan 24-10-13.jpg — Манхэттен
Brooklyn 24-10-14.jpg — Бруклин
Queens [kwi:nz] — Куинз
Staten Island 24-10-15.jpg — Статен-Айленд
the Bronx 24-10-16.jpg — Бронкс
the Hudson 24-10-17.jpg — Гудзон
Central Park — Центральный парк
the Empire State Building 24-10-18.jpg24-10-19.jpg — Эмпайр-стейт-билдинг
the Rockefeller Center 24-10-20.jpg —Рокфеллеровский центр
the Guggenheim Museum 24-10-21.jpg24-10-22.jpg — Музей Гуггенхайма
a skyscraper — небоскреб
a borough 24-10-23.jpg — район
a ferry — паром
a flier — рекламный проспект
to give somebody a treat — побаловать кого-либо
3 Misha, Rob Mark and Emily are planning their first day in New York. Listen to the conversation, read the text of it and say what places they are planning to visit. (Find three English translations for the Russian word: достопримечательность.)

Emily:  What would you like to do today, guys?
Misha:  I'd like to see New York's most famous sights: the Empire State Building,
        and the Chrysler and the Pan American buildings.
Rob:    I agree with you. Skyscrapers are really interesting. Let's go for a walk and do some sightseeing.
Mark:   And I'd like to see Central Park.
Emily:  Well, we don't have too much time. Let's do the main part of Manhattan today.
        It has a lot of attractions and you'll be able to get a good first impression.
        If we don't have enough time for Central Park, we'll do it tomorrow.
Rob:    What's Manhattan?
Mark:   Come on, Rob. Don't you know? New York is on the Hudson River
        and consists of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx.
        I've read about them.
Emily:  You're right, Mark. We should see them all, but Let's take a look.
нью йорк

4 Emily's are looking at the fliers. Look through the fliers and answer the questions.

1.    What places of interest will the friends probably see?
2.    How are they going to travel?   
3. What theatre will they probably go to?

нью йорк

Find the Big Apple's mega star — The Empire State Building, which became the tallest skyscraper in New York on September 11, 2001 (the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center used to be higher).

Facts and figures
Architects: Shreve, Lamb and Harmon
The work started: January 22, 1930
The work was completed: November 13, 1930
The speed: 4 1/2 floors per week
Total time: One year and 45 days including Sundays and holidays
Cost: $40,948,900 (including land)
Total height: 443.2 meters to top of the lightning rod
Floors: 103
Steps: 1,860 from street level to 102nd floor
Weight: 365,000 tons

Admission prices at the building
ESB audio tour    $6.00
Adult (18-61)    $14.00
Youth (12-1 7)    $13.00
Child (6-11)    $9.00
Seniors (62 + )    $13.00
Military in uniform    Free
Toddlers (5 or younger)    Free


"There are many apples on the tree, but only one Big Apple". The old saying is very true when we talk about New York - America's Big Apple. We can offer you a cheap, fast and easy way to see it all. Buy a MetroCard at any subway station and the key to the city is in your hands.

MetroCards can be bought on a pay-per-ride basis ($1.50 per ride) or an unlimited ride basis. With pay-per-ride, you get 11 rides for the price of ten. These tickets can be used by groups of up to four people. With unlimited ride MetroCards, you can get a 30-day card for $63, a 7-day card for $17, or a one-day Fun Pass for only $7. These tickets are not transferable.


New York

New York

24-10-31.jpg Употребление артикля с географическими названиями и названиями городских объектов

New York

5 Write the nomas of the attractions and places you see in the photos.

6    Look through the MetroCard flier and answer the questions.

1.    What ticket should friends buy for their day out in New York?
2.    How much money will the friends have to spend on the subway? (Use the map for help.)

7    Look through the Empire State Building flier and say if the following information is true, false or not mentioned.

1.    ESB stands for the Empire State Building.
2.    The Empire State Building is the tallest building in the world.
3.    It took less than two years to build it.
4.    The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed by terrorists.
5.    The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center used to be the tallest buildings in New York.
6.    The tickets for Emily, Misha, Rob and Mark will cost $36.

 8 Look through the Ambassador Theater flier and choose the right answer.

1.    In this flier "Chicago" is
a) a city in America,
b) a name of the musical,
c) a name of the theater.

2.    In this flier "Broadway" means
a) a very big street,
b) the main street in New York.
c) the home of the most famous American shows and musicals.

9    Look through the fliers of the helicopter flights, the Guggenheim Museum and the Rockefeller Center. Which of the sights...

1.    was designed by the famousarchitect Frank Lloyd Wright?
2.    was built by Rockefeller?
3.    used to welcome millions of immigrants?
4.    is famous for the largest Christmas tree in New York?
5.    contains a collection of modern art?
6.    looks out on the sea?

10    Which places of interest in New York would you like to visit? Why?

11 Try to guess: Which sights did the friends actually visit? What did they decide not to do? Why?

12 Listen to the speaker and check your answers.


A Imagine that your friend has visited New York. Write ten questions about the city that you would like to ask him / her.

В Use the information from the fliers, fill in the gaps and complete the notes. Be careful with the articles.

New York is on the ... River. Another name for New York is ... . It consists of five boroughs: .. .The heart of New York is .... It has a lot of... .
One of them is the Empire State Building. It is the tallest ... in New York but only since .... One of New York's most famous museums is .... It's famous for its building, which was designed by ... . Those who are interested in theater will be able to enjoy different musicals and shows on ... . The fastest way to see New York is by ... . You need to buy a ... and it will take you all over the city.

С Let's describe sights and buildings. Start this year's vocabulary. Learn to put useful words into groups. Copy the scheme and fill it in with words from the fliers.

Verbs                     Sights               Descriptions
to design                attraction           famous
to visit                    building

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 9 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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