Robin MacWizard's diary Part II

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Robin MacWizard's diary

Part II

1 Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker.

the more ... the less — чем больше, тем меньше
to be horrified 25-10-2.jpg — быть в ужасе
sacred 25-10-3.jpg — священный
catastrophe 25-10-4.jpgкатастрофа
in the meantime — тем временем
to exaggerate 25-10-5.jpg — преувеличивать
distant — отдаленный

2 Read Robin MacWizard's diary and answer the questions.


Why did Squanto surprise Robin?

1.    What did Christopher Columbus discover?
2.    What happened after Columbus's discovery?
3.    What happened to Squanto's tribe?
4.    Why couldn't Squanto leave the treasure in the cave?
5.    Why did Robin write that the future of the New World was in his hands?
6.    What do you think the treasure was?
7.    What did Robin decide to do with the treasure?
8.    How did the Pilgrims give thanks to God for good harvest?
9.    Where did Robin hide the treasure?
10. Did he leave any clues for his friends to find the treasure?

15 April

The most important thing now is to make sure we have enough to eat over the next year. If we plant seeds now, we'll be able to harvest the crops and we'll be fine in the coming winter. We're learning a lot from Squanto, who is helping us with everything. We all understand how many mistakes we'd been making before we met him and how important his friendship is.

21 April

Our governor died today. I'm too sad to write. We hoped so much that there wouldn't be any more deaths.

27 April

William Bradford was elected as our new governor. What a good choice!

1 May

Squanto and I are becoming good friends. When he has time, he sits down with his long pipe and tells me about his adventures.


20 June

Squanto continues to surprise me. Today he spotted the ring that I always wear on my chest. It is our old family ring, which has been in our clan since ancient times. "I have always known that you were not an ordinary man," he exclaimed. "You come from a family of great wizards. I've been expecting you for a long time." When I asked him to explain what he meant, he just laughed. But Squanto is right. Everything he said about me is true, but how on earth did he find out?

22 June

When I came to the New World, I had hoped that here I'd be able to have a new start, that I could forget my past and enjoy a simple life like everybody else. How naive I was! Today everything has changed. Squanto told me his story and shared his secret with me. This secret will be with me forever, and there isn't a single soul in the world I can tell. At the moment I can't say anything even to you, my unknown friend. Not nowvnot before I decide what to do.

23 June

I still haven't decided, but I think I should write down Squanto's story. If you, my friend, ever read this diary, I want you to understand me, so I'll write as much as I can.

Squanto's Story

"I have seen a lot in my life. Ever since I was a child, there have been white men around. They came from faraway lands on big ships. They always fascinated me because they were so different from us. I made friends with some of the sailors and acted as their guide and translator. Our chief didn't like what I did, he didn't trust white men, but I was sure that there was no reason for us to fight them. One of my new friends, Captain John Smith, was a good, honest man. We shared the same ideas, and when he went back to England, he took me with him. We both thought it would be very important for the English to see what Indians were like so that our nations could find out more about each other. After a short stay in England, I decided to go back to my land. I went on the ship of another English captain, who had promised to get me home safely. But instead of keeping his word, he sold me into slavery, to the Spanish. Luckily, I was bought by monks. They taught me to read and write. Sometimes the monks told me stories about great people and their great deeds."


"Take, for example, Christopher Columbus," they used to say. "This great man crossed the ocean in search of a new way to India and in 1492 discovered a new continent; the continent where you come from. Isn't it wonderful? He brought back a lot of gold and made Spain richer and more powerful."

"My teachers were kind, but I didn't agree with them. In fact, the more I learned about white men's civilization, the less I liked it. In my opinion, it was greed and nothing more that led Columbus across the ocean. When I read some books, I was horrified: after Columbus thousands of greedy Spanish went to my continent and destroyed the ancient civilizations of the Incas, the Aztecs and the Maya. The Spanish were looking for gold and this cost the lives of thousands of Indians. After some years in Spain, I finally had a chance to go home. When I got there, to my horror, I found out that all my tribe had died out. Diseases brought by white men had killed them. I was the only one left.

Then I remembered about the greatest treasure of my tribe. The treasure was sacred to us all: our tribe had kept it for thousands of years. It used to be hidden in a cave deep in the forest, but this place was not a big secret. I went to the forest and found the treasure in its usual place. Then I sat down and started to think. I didn't know what to do next.

I couldn't leave the treasure there and I didn't dare destroy it. After all, I had found out about the white men, I understood that if they found the treasure it would be a catastrophe. Not only the Indians, but the continent and all its mountains, rivers, forests and even the animals would be in danger. I decided to stay near the graves of my tribe and guard the treasure myself. When your ships came, I watched you for a long time. I know that the Pilgrims are not bad people, they are better than a lot of other white men. I felt sorry for them and decided to help. When I met you, Robin, my first feeling was that you were different from the other Pilgrims. I trusted you more than anybody else, I wanted to talk to you, and then... I saw your ring. I recognized it. The same ring is engraved on the stone wall, near where the treasure lies. You are the man I have been expecting all these years. Forgive me for this, but now the destiny of the treasure and the whole New World is in your hands."

I found Squanto's story very interesting, but it didn't worry me. I thought he was exaggerating the importance of his treasure. So I let him take me to the sacred cave in the forest where he showed me the treasure. At first, I felt surprised when I saw the very ordinary thing that was hidden in the stone wall, but very soon even without Squanto's help I understood what it really was. The danger of this ordinary-looking thing was so big that even in my secret diary I don't dare write another word to describe it. Then I thought what might happen if somebody found it. At that moment I felt sorry that I had gone to the New World at all. Suddenly England with all its dangers seemed a cosy, attractive place, but it was too late. Squanto had told me the truth: the future of the New World lay in my hands.

1 September

I t's been more than a month since I became the guard for the treasure.
All this time Squanto and I have been thinking about a good hiding place for it. I think we should simply destroy it, as it will always be a danger, but Squanto doesn't agree. He thinks that in the distant future people will become better and wiser. They will be able to use the treasure properly, and it will bring them much good.

2 September

Finally, we found the answer. The idea came unexpectedly. Squanto and I were talking about the treasure as usual when Squanto said, "It's a bit strange, Robin. You and I both know that you come from a family of great wizards, but you can't do anything useful." "Like what?" I asked. "Like healing people, making things invisible, moving mountains, predicting the future...," Squanto went on, but I wasn't listening any more. I already knew what to do. "You're quite right," I sighed. "I'm not a very useful wizard.
I    can't even predict the future, but... I can get there." "How can you do that?" he whispered. "It doesn't matter how, but I can," I said. "That would be ideal for us. I'll go to some distant future and hide the treasure there so nobody before that time will have a chance to find it." And that's exactly what you wanted, isn't it? "Yes," Squanto smiled, "it's very good."

10 October

My dear friend,
It's been a long time since I wrote to you last. I've been on different expeditions, hunted in the woods and visited some Indian villages. Life in Plymouth settlement is getting better. The people worked hard and got a great harvest this year. Now they are sure that this winter every family will have enough food. I'm getting ready for my journey to the future. I have done it once before and I had hoped I would never have to do it again. I'll probably have to stay in the future forever, but I don't see what else I can do.

II    October

Governor Bradford had a great idea. He said that because the New World had been so kind to us and the harvest is so good we should celebrate and give thanks to God and to the Indians who have been helping us. So we are getting ready for the day they are calling Thanksgiving, and Squanto has been sent to invite Massasoit and his tribe.

16 October 1621

The celebrations went on for three days. Our women cooked corn and turkeys, the huge birds that live here. The Indians brought some of their own food, and we all had a very good time. I'm feeling awfully sad because today I'm leaving the Pilgrims. I hope I'll be able to come back and see them again, but I'm trying not to hope for too much.

31 December 1622

I'm back and I'm alive. I had to spend all this time in the future and the things that I saw there didn't make me happy. But I gave my word to Squanto and I had to keep my promise: I left the treasure in the distant future. And now as I promised I'll tell you, my friend, how to find it. I'll give you some clues which nobody in the next three hundred and fifty years will be able to understand. However, for people in the future after that these clues will be clear and easy. I'm sure, my friend, you will make no mistake about this unique place, which in your time will become famous across the whole world.

So follow me and walk the road of stars, then come to the hills that shine with gold. Here is a map to help you if you have any trouble.


Then find the place where the first, the third, the sixteenth and the twenty-sixth meet. Look up and you'll see a huge white horse. Under this horse there is a deep cave. Follow the pictures on the cave wall and they'll lead you to the treasure.

When you find it, it will be for you to decide what you'll do with it. I can't give you any advice. I can only pray that the treasure is found a long way into the future and that when it happens, no harm will be done.

And now I'll have to say good luck and goodbye. My journey is over. I'll go back to my friends, the Pilgrims, and help them as much as I can. Much love and always your friend,
Robin MacWizard

3    Look through the text and choose the right answer. Sometimes more than one answer can be correct.

1.    The most important thing on 15 April was
a) to elect the governor,
b) not to die.
c) to take care of the future harvest.

2.    Squanto liked white men because
a) they taught him English,
b) they were different from Indians,
c) they gave him food.

3.    Squanto came to England
a) to stay there,
b) to show what the Indians were like,
c) to sign an agreement.

4.    Columbus's discovery of America
a) made Spain richer,
b) destroyed the ancient civilizations,
c) caused the death of thousands of Indians.

5.    Squanto's tribe had died out because
a) they had nothing to eat.
b) of the diseases brought by white men.
c) white men killed them.

6.    The Pilgrims decided to celebrate Thanksgiving
a) because Governor Bradford offered to do it.
b) to give thanks to God and to the Indians,
c) they had gathered a good harvest.

7.    Squanto told Robin about the treasure because
a) Robin was very clever,
b) he recognized the ring that was engraved on the wall of the cave,
c) Robin knew his language.

8.    What do you think was hidden in the cave?
a) gold
b) a map
c) a spaceship
d) an atomic bomb

9.    Try to predict: The treasure was very dangerous because
a) it could destroy the world,
b) it could be the cause of a lot of diseases,
c) it could be the reason for nuclear war.

10. Robin decided to go to the future
a)    because he hoped that in 350 years people would be better.
b)    to hide the treasure,
c) to see what they would do with the treasure.

4    Read the converasation and find out how friends solved Robin's mystery.

Rob: That's interesting. Our friend Robin thought he was giving us very clear instructions, but I don't understand anything.
Misha: Neither do I.
Mark: The road of stars? I think I've heard of it.
Rob: I think it's some of his old magic mysteries. Probably a sign of the Zodiac or something like that.
Mark: You may be right, but don't forget: Robin wrote his clues for the people of the future so that everything that he described should be very clear to us.
Misha: Yeah, Robin had a very strange idea about simple clues. What do the words: the first, the third, the sixteenth and the twenty-sixth? People? Places? Zodiac signs?
Emily: Forget these star signs! They are here just to mislead. It's very simple: the first, the third, the sixteenth and the twenty-sixth are American presidents.
Mark: What are their names?
Emily: I'm not sure, but we can look it up. So now we just have to read all about them and find out where they met. Misha: I like the idea. It's clear and easy as Robin promised.
Rob': OK. So let's each of us take one president and find out everything about him.
Mark: That should work. Then we'll easily find the place where they all met. Let's get started!


A Fill in the gaps with the facts from both parts of the stories.

1.    The Scottish king, James, got the crown of England in ... .
2.    King James had promised everybody who supported him religious ....
3.    King James ... all his old supporters.
4.    People couldn't ... their religion.
5.    The Saints believed that God was in ..., not in a church.
6.    The Saints wanted ... God in their own way.
7.    On 6 September ... the Saints decided to leave England.
8.    There were ... passengers on board the ship.
9.    The ship was called ....
10.    ... was the leader of the Saints.
11.    Bradford came up with the idea to call the Saints and the Strangers ....
12.    On 9 November 1620 the Pilgrims landed in ... .
13.    On 11 November the Pilgrims ... "the Mayflower Compact" and chose ....
14.    The governor's name was ....
15.    On 8 December ... attacked the Pilgrims, but the Pilgrims won.
16.    On 8 December ... the Pilgrims left Cape Cod and sailed to ... .
17.    On 22 March 1621 Massasoit and the Pilgrims' governor signed ... to live in peace and help each other.
18.    On 1 April 1621 the Mayflower finally left for ... .
19.    On 16 October 1621 the Pilgrims and the Indians celebrated ....

В 1) Read the names of some of the holidays that are celebrated in America nowadays.Which of them was started by the Pilgrims? Why do you think so?


2) Write about any holiday from part 1. Use the questions to help you.

1.    What's the holiday called?
2.    When is it celebrated?
3.    What is celebrated on this day?
4.    What's the history of this holiday?
4.    What do people do on this day?
5.    Is there any special food that they eat? If yes, what is it?

С Briefly tell the Pilgrims' story. Use the statements from the previous exercise to help you.

Information for a shop assistant:

•    Ask what the customer would like to buy.
•    Ask who the clothes are for.
•    Ask what country he / she comes from.
•    Ask what size the person is.
•    Ask if it's an American size or a size from another country.
•    Say what American size the person is and give the customer what he / she wants.



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