Great Russian writers. Grammar Возвратные местоимения

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Great Russian writers

Возвратные местоимения — Reflexive pronouns

Возвратные местоимения образуются путем прибавления к:

•    притяжательным местоимениям ту, our, your
•    личным местоимениям him, her, it, them
•    неопределенному местоимению one

окончания self (для единственного числа) и окончания selves (для множественного числа).

     Личные местоимения       Возвратные местоимения







Возвратные местоимения стоят в предложении после глаголов и указы вают на то, что действие направлено на само действующее лицо.

В русском языке возвратные местоимения соответствуют:

•    глаголам, оканчивающимся на частицу-сь, -ся.

She cut herself while she was cooking dinner. — Она порезалась, когда готовила обед.

•    возвратному местоимению самого себя / самой себя, самому себе / самой себе, самим собой / самой собой.

She was looking at herself in the mirror. — Она смотрела на себя в зеркало.
Не didn't say anything about himself. — Он не сказал ничего о себе.

Однако возвратные местоимения не употребляются после глагола to fee i Сравните: How are you feeling? — Как вы себя чувствуете?

1 Translate the sentences into Russian.

1.    Kate was ill yesterday but she feels better today.
2.    When the team didn't win a basketball match, they were very angry with themselves selves.
3.    When our family goes out, the children always enjoy themselves.
4.    Jane has bought herself a nice dress.
5.    Mother was tired, so the children cleaned the kitchen themselves.
6.    I don't know the answer myself, but I'll ask our teacher.

2 Fill in the gaps with pronouns myselfI himselfI yourself themselves, herself.

1.    He never thinks about his family. He always thinks about ....
2.    Be careful! Don't hurt .... 3.1 can't go there ....
4.    Some people have hunted tigers ....
5.    She hasn't read this book ....
6.  1 can give you a simple tip: Always be ... .

3 Match the parts of the situations and complete the sentences.

1.    I have to go now. My children are alone at home. They...
2.    Don't phone Kate. I'll...
3.    We were invited to the party and...
4.    This woman is very strange. She...
5.    Jim will not be able to help you with your test. He...
6.    Don't ask me for help. You...

Great Russian writers


Guess the meaning of the underlined words.

1.    Hackers are people who can get into any computer or computer system.
2.    This book is about the heroism of the Russian people during the war.
3.    This writer is famous for his poetry, but he wrote prose too.

4 Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker.

to be proud of something (somebody) / oneself — гордиться чем-то (кем-то) /собой
mysterious 20-10-3.jpg — загадочный
well written — хорошо написанный
space — космос (космический)
virtual 20-10-4.jpg — виртуальный
cult — культ (культовый)

5 Match the adjectives from Ex. 4 with the nouns below to make common expressions.

Great Russian writers

6    Use the common expressions that you've made from Ex. 4 and 5 in your own examples.

Model: I think "Two Captains" by Kaverin is a very well-written book.

7    Listen to the phrases from the Conversation bricks and match them with the correct translation.

Conversation bricks
Giving your own opinion

1.    I think...
2.    To be honest,
3.    In fact,
4.    To tell you the truth,
5.    Personally, I...
6.    Maybe I shouldn't tell you this but...

a)    Лично я...
b)    Честно    говоря, ...
c)    По правде говоря, ...
d)    Возможно, мне не следует этого говорить, но...
e)    На самом деле, ...
f)    Я думаю...

8 Misha, Mark and Rob are talking about literature. Look through the text and answer the question: Are they talking about Russian, British or American literature?

9 Listen to the conversation and say, What writers have been mentioned? Which of them are American, British or Russian? What do you know about these writers? Name as many books by these writers as you can.

10 Read the conversation and check some of your answers.

Great Russian writers

Mark: Look, Misha. I need your help. We have to write an essay about Eastern European writers. I'd like to write about Russian writers Unfortunately, I have no time to look the information up in books. Tell me all about Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Tolstoy and Lermontov.

Misha: What can I tell you? They all lived in the 19th century, but some of these people aren't writers. Pushkin and Lermontov are famous poets, though personally I like Pushkin's prose more. I like his novel "Dubrovsky". It's about a young aristocrat who turns to crime because his house and money are taken away. After the death of his father Dubrovsky becomes a robber, who takes money from the rich and gives it to the poor. He is planning to rob the house of Troekurov, the man who is to blame for all his misfortunes. But then Dubrovsky falls in love with Masha Troekurova, the daughter of his enemy, and forgets his plans. Unfortunately, I don't remember the ending.

Mark: What about Tolstoy and Dostoevsky?
Misha: Tolstoy and Dostoevsky are great writers, and Russians are proud of them. They wrote long novels. Tolstoy's most famous book is "War and Peace"
Mark: Is that the book about Natasha Rostova and Andrey Bolkonsky?
Misha: Yes, it is. But it is also about the war with France and the heroism of the Russian people.
Mark: What about Dostoevsky?
Misha: To tell you the truth, I have no idea. We haven't done him vet
Mark: What do you mean? 
Misha: To be honest, we haven't studied Dostoevsky at school yet.
Mark: Do you only read books by these writers at school?
Misha: Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but you're right. Some girls in our class like these books, but I don't read them for pleasure myself. I do it because I have to.
Rob: I can understand that. Dickens and Shakespeare are very famous English writers and we study them at school, but personally I don't like them very much. I prefer J. R. R. Tolkien, Conan Doyle, J. K. Rowling and Dan Brown.
Misha: That's really funny, they are my favourite writers too.
Rob: So aren't there any good writers in Russia nowadays?
Misha: Of course there are. Let me think. Oh, how could I forget! I have read a lot of books by Sergey Lukyanenko. He's a modern Russian writer. His first books were published at the end of the Eighties.
Mark: What kind of books does he write?
Misha: Lukyanenko writes science fiction. His books are about adventures. Some of them happen in space and some of them in the centre of Moscow, but they are always exciting and very well written. One of his books became a cult book for people who are interested in computers. It is called "Labyrinth of Reflections". In the book he describes what may happen to the world in the near future: Internet technologies produce a virtual world — Deeptown. Different people live in Deeptown, but the most mysterious of them are the Divers. They can do things that the best hackers in our world will never be able to do.
Mark: I'll write about him. I hope my teacher won't be angry...
Misha: He won't. Lukyanenko is a very good writer.

11 Find in the text the expressions from the Conversation bricks and answer the question: Is the speaker happy or unhappy with himself when he is saying them? Support your opinion with sentences from the text.

12 Mark these statements true, false or not stated.

1    Misha reads a lot.
2    Misha doesn't like classical Russian literature very much.
3    Tchaikovsky is Rob's favourite composer.
4    Misha hasn't read "War and Peace" himself.
5    At school Russian pupils study Pushkin before Dostoevsky.
6    People all over the world have heard of Leo Tolstoy.
7    Misha's favourite genre is science fiction.
8    Misha knows a lot about Russian literature.
9    Rob likes to read Tolkien.
10. Sergey Lukyanenko is more famous than Lermontov in Russia.

13 Organize a discussion. Make groups of five. Choose a chairperson.

Information for the chairperson

Organize the discussion.
Take notes of all the opinions.
After the discussion report your group's answers to the class.
Don't forget to mention your own opinion too.
Use these words and expressions

Let's start.
Question 1 is...
Let's listen to Kate.
Thank you...
And what do you think, Igor?

Information for everybody

Questions for discussion.

1.    Do you read modern Russian literature?
2.    Do you read classical Russian literature?
3.    Who is your favourite writer?
4.    Is he / she Russian or British (American, French, German)?

2-10-38.jpg Give short answers, but don't forget to use the expressions from the Conversation bricks.

14 Listen to the chairperson's report and at home write about the results of your discussion. Use the plan:

1.    The results of the poll surprised me / didn't surprise me.
2.    Most of the pupils in our class...
3.    Some of the pupils in our class...
4.    Very few pupils in our class...
5.    The most popular writer in our class...


A Mark has written down some information about Pushkin and Tolstoy. Look at the information file and correct the mistakes. Try to help Mark fill in the missing information.


Name: Alexander Pushkin
Was born: ...
Died: ...
Job:    poet
Genre: poetry and prose
One of his famous books: "Dubrovsky"
The main characters of the book: Pyotr Grinyov...
The book is about: A young aristocrat who turns to crime because his house and money are taken away.
Dubrovsky becomes a robber, who takes money from the rich and gives it to the poor. But then he falls in love with a beautiful girl and everything changes.


Name: Leo Tolstoy
Was born: ...
Died: ...
Job:    writer
Genre: prose (long novels)
One of his famous books: "War and Peace"
The main characters of the book: Anna Karenina and Natasha Rostova.
The book is about: The war with Germany and the heroism of Russian people.

В Listen to the speaker, check your answers and find out more.

С Write about any Russian writer that you like. Use the plan from Ex. A.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 8 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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